I am a PhD. candidate with Dr. Ryan Earley in the Biological Sciences Department at the University of Alabama . While I currently work with a small primarily self-fertilizing killifish (Kryptolebias marmoratus), I am motivated by the question rather than the taxa and have experience with mangrove trees and aquatic invertebrates. I am an ecologist and integrative evolutionary biologist interested in quantifying responses to environmental changes across biological scales (Individual → Communities). Recently, I have focused on understanding (i) the molecular pathways involved in plastic responses to environmental change, (ii) the relative impact of biotic versus abiotic factors on species demography and community structure, (iii) how ocean currents drive metapopulation structure through changes in genetic connectivity, and (iv) how abiotic factors drive species distribution and range shifts. I have also begun expanding into temporal genomics, the use of time-series genomic data in evolutionary biology, to understand evolutionary responses to anthropogenic influences. I enjoy learning new skills, methodologies, and diving into new fields through collaborative projects. I strive for innovative, integrative, and transparent research that pushes the boundary of ecology and evolutionary biology while bridging the gap between basic and applied science.

Anthony Snead

PhD Candidate
Earley Lab
Department of Biological Sciences
The University of Alabama
Tuscaloosa, AL 35487
Office: Honors Hall Room 309
Pronouns: He/Him